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KeyLog Pro allows me to monitor everything on my home computer. I know which web site my sons are visiting, what program they open ...I can even find out about passwords my hubby used and the best thing is they don't even realize it. -Sandra Small. 

I use KeyLog to monitor suspicious employees in my company. Most of these employees are very tricky, when you come near to them they will switch a few keys and go back to work. With KeyLog Pro Keylogger I have proof to warn them for wasting company time.-Andrew Davis. 



March, 2011; What caused the Keylogger to become so popular and essential this decade that even maybe you will be assisted by it in the near future?

Keyloggers has many features.
No activity on your computer will be able to evade a high quality Keylogger.
Does your kid make secret chat conversations with adult strangers?
Does he surf to pornographic sites?
Maybe he even exposes his personal details where he is not supposed to?
Does he use P2P programs, sharing copyrighted materials which could constitute a pretext to a lawsuit of tens of thousands of dollars?
Have you ever wondered why does your husband "work" on his computer so late at the night?
Does he have a secret online lover?
Have you ever wondered who is your wife's "partner" she talks with all the time?
Do your employees surf on the internet instead of doing their work which you pay them for?
Do they sell company secretes to your competitors?

A high quality Keylogger should give you the answers to all these questions.
No activity will be able to evade from it.
No undesirable activity will be able to evade from you!
As said, a high quality Keylogger such as "KeyLog Pro" will help answer a lot of these questions.

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NYC, December 2010; The New York Times had a prominent article about how, now that most of us are inured to the risks of phishing, sophisticated identity thieves are using "keyloggers." As readers of this blog probably already know, keyloggers are pieces of hardware or software programs that log each keystroke that a user inputs into his or her computer -- including passwords. Keyloggers aren't new -- there are cases in California and Florida addressing the use of keyloggers -- but their wide use as part of software programs and the corresponding wide distribution is the next escalation in the identity theft battle and will extend the risks of keylogging to a much larger segment.

More interestingly, I think that this is one more example of "James Bond" technology becoming available for general consumer use. We already have camera phones, encryption, data mining, and ubiquitous surveillance cameras. A quick trip to the local "spy" store will uncover a startling array of additional monitoring technology available to anyone. Our culture may be comfortable with the notion of trading privacy for national security, but I don't think that it is prepared for neighbors planting listening devices in the house.

KeyLog Pro can be downloaded from:



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