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Secretly record chats, emails, instant messages, keystrokes, Hotmail, AOL, Myspace, Facebook emails, Yahoo! chat and AOL chat with KeyLog Spy Software.

Rated best Facebook password hacking tool in the business by FHM

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User Comments

KeyLog Pro Spy Software allows me to monitor everything on my home computer. I know which web site my sons are visiting, what program they open ...I can even find out about passwords my hubby used and the best thing is they don't even realize it. -Sandra Small. 

I use KeyLog to monitor suspicious employees in my company. Most of these employees are very tricky, when you come near to them they will switch a few keys and go back to work. With KeyLog Pro Keylogger Spy software I have proof to warn them for wasting company time.-Andrew Davis. 

compact spy program Compact Download Size.

KeyLog Pro is without a doubt the best spy software system in the market (according to Eye Spy Magazine). It is an easy way for monitoring a home computer. If you need to know the Internet activities of your child or spouse, this is the product we recommend. 

Perhaps you're worried about who your child or spouse is chatting with online. KeyLog Pro can monitor and record instant messages, chats, and emails. Maybe you're concerned about your loved one surfing onto unwanted web sites. All web addresses will be recorded, even if the web site cache is deleted. Need to find out your or someone's password? Key Log Pro will record all of them as well. All passwords will be recorded in the software's keystroke reports. This spying software tool can even email you detailed activity reports if you are ever away, at work or abroad.

Once installed, the spy software tool can be setup to start up when your computer is turned on and runs completely hidden from the users it's monitoring. Only you will be able to access the recorded information using a personal password.

This spy software can monitor Internet conversations, web sites visited, and other useful information. This includes AOL 1.0-9.0, Yahoo, MSN, web sites visited on any browser and all windows displayed!

Key Log is amazingly simple and user-friendly. After clicking the link to buy the software, you will be able to install and use the software within minutes!

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(Works on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP and Windows 7)

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